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Thank you for your booking or enquiry!

If you have made just an enquiry we will attend to your booking or enquiry shortly. If you have made a booking the following will happen: We will put a hold on the accomodation you have booked. We will issue you with an invoice to pay which you can pay either via paypal or with a credit card. If your arrival date is more than 2 months away the invoice will be for the initial deposit only. If your arrival date is within 2 months the invoice will be for the deposit and the 2nd instalment. The invoice will provide full details of your ski package and you will therefore get a chance to check over your booking before you pay. Once we have received your payment we will issue you with a Ninja Ski Packages confirmation. The invoice will be issued by paypal for your security but if you don't have a paypal account you can still pay this invoice with a credit card (there is an option at the bottom of the invoice directly below the paypal login button). In the meantime why not go ahead and book your rentals and get the 10% discount!
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